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2016 - With the arrival of El Nino, we found that the roof of the gallery required refurbishment. This project is now completed.

Building improvement continues!

Our next big project is the rear patio.  We would like to do improvements that will make this patio perfect for receptions and usable for other events.


Our last project was making improvements in the storage area at the back of the building. This is a 10' x 24' area which we will use for the storing of records. Many thanks to Etty Andreani, Alan Marriott and Chris Van Winkle who cleared out the area so the contractor could start work. A whole new roof including the wood structure has been built. All interior dry wall was removed and new insulation and dry wall installed. New electrical wiring including a sensor light outside for security is in place. Etty and Alan worked on plans for the electrical and met with the contractor as the work progressed.

The improvements of the store room allowed us to move records that are currently in the vault. We are still working on the completion of the vault to hold the NWS Permanent Collection and the installation of more security equipment. When this work is completed we will be in a position to ask the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to restore to us our early Permanent Collection that NWS gave to them because at that time we had no building to house them.

Funds will need to be raised for this last phase of construction. As Director of Fundraising Carol Zink has retired from the Board after six years of hard work with outstanding results, we need new volunteers who are willing to make this last piece of the dream come true. If you are willing to give time to this effort contact Ken Goldman at email. Many thanks to all who have been a part of this endeavor!

Building in 2006

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We ask you to consider making a tax-deductible donation to the building fund, and join this special group on the Honor Wall and here on the website. Your gift may be given “In Memoriam” or “In Honor of” someone special. Gifts of large amounts may be given as a pledge and payment arranged. Gifts of significant size will be considered for naming areas of the Museum.

You may join us as a Friend, Patron, Benefactor or join the Golden Palette Circle or the Platinum Palette Circle.

  • Friend: $50 – $299
  • Patron: $300 – $2499 (your name will be entered on the Wall of Honor)
  • Benefactor: $2500 – $4999 (your name will be entered on the Wall of Honor)
  • Golden Palette Circle: $5000 – $9999 (your name will be entered on the Wall of Honor)
  • Platinum Palette Circle: $10,000 and above (your name will be entered on the Wall of Honor and again in the border circling the gallery. You will also have a choice of a painting donated by one of our award-winning NWS artists.)
Please click on the link below to donate online
If you wish to mail in a donation, please make your check payable to the National Watercolor Society and send to:

Attn: Building Fund
915 South Pacific Avenue
San Pedro, CA 90731

Building Fund